Oil on Canvas
Oil on Canvas "Boats in Mobile Bay" by Diane

Leadership Team:  L'Arche Mobile will be guided by a Leadership Team, consisting of four leaders: Home Life Leader, Practical Life Leader, Administrative Life Leader, and Financial Life Leader. The Leadership Team will function collectively in the general governance of L'Arche Mobile and shall ensure that the L'Arche concept is central to the life of the community. The leaders, however, shall generally operate autonomously within their areas of responsibility as set forth below.

Executive Director: One of the leaders will serve as the Executive Director and that leader will have an assistant, full or part time, so that the leader can contribute adequate time to the roll of Executive Director. The Executive Director shall serve as the chairperson of the Leadership Team and shall have overall responsibility for all aspects of L'Arche Mobile. The Executive Director's essential role is to ensure that the Identity and Mission of L'Arche is prevalent throughout the corporate life of L'Arche Mobile.  The Executive Director shall have supervisory authority, to the extent necessary, with respect to the other leaders, but shall exercise respect for their general autonomy within their respective areas of responsibility. 

Home Life Leader:  The Home Life Leader shall be responsible for carrying out the concepts and requirements of the key elements of L'Arche in the homes and in the Activity Center.  As such, this leader will be primarily responsible for the quality of life and the spiritual aspects of the homes and the Activity Center and of all the community members. 

Practical Life Leader:  The Practical Life Leader shall be responsible for carrying out the concepts and requirements of the state standards.  Included within this role will be the coordination of all medical activities and the preparation and administration of the long term plans for each Core Member. 

Administrative Life Leader:  The Administrative Life Leader shall be responsible for the administration of the office, personnel functions, the overseeing of the physical properties of L'Arche Mobile, and other administrative duties.

Financial Life Leader:  The Financial Life Leader shall be responsible for the financial aspects of L'Arche Mobile, including expenses and funding (government funding, donations, grants, and the fundraising activities of the L'Arche Mobile Foundation) and shall also oversee the bookkeeping and general financial activities of L'Arche Mobile. 

Board of Directors:  The Board of Directors will have a small, usually four or five person, executive committee, consisting of the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, and one or two other board members selected by the President.  The Executive Committee will meet monthly with the Executive Director and, as necessary, with the other leaders. Minutes of the meetings will be taken by one of the leaders and retained.                                         8/22/07